35+ Creative Landscaping Ideas For Backyard

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If someone is interested in increasing the beauty of their backyard, a fence alone is usually not going to do the trick. However, landscaping around the fence can be a great way to add some color and excitement to the yard. It is also a great way to minimize the visual effect that the fence has on the overall backyard decor.

If someone is landscaping around their fence because they want the fence to be less noticeable, they should consider putting mature plants in the ground. This will give them the effect they are looking for without having to wait for the plants to grow. However, if time is not a concern, they could save money by instead planting young plants by the fence.

There are few things nicer on a spring day than walking into the backyard and smelling the beautiful fragrance of flowers. In order to keep that scent in the yard for as long as possible, plant them next to a tall, solid fence. It will help keep the scent from dissipating as quickly as it would if it were in a more open area of the backyard.

When it comes to crossing the neighbor’s property lines, having plants reach over is just as big of an offense as putting the fence on their yard. For that reason, homeowners should be careful not to plant anything on their fence that may grow wild and disrupt their neighbor’s yard. In particular, English Ivy is one plant to stay away from because it is very difficult to control.

Landscaping a backyard fence is a great way to beautify the backyard while minimizing the visual effects of the fence. Planting flowers next to a fence is a great way to maintain their beautiful fragrance, but it is important that the plants do not cross into a neighbor’s property. If someone landscapes their fence properly, it can significantly increase the beauty of their yard.

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