45 Awesome Hydrophonics for Your Garden

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One of the branches of agriculture that has piqued the interest of gardening enthusiasts and hobbyist is known as Hydrophonics. To simplify it is the practice of growing various species of plants without using soil. In the absence of a dirt medium, a water solution that contains the nutrients plants need is put in place. Since plants require nutrients to grow, all the essentials are dissolved in water so that the roots can absorb what they need. Such systems are ideal in settings wherein there is limited space for the typical set up of growing plants on pots filled with nutrient-rich soil.

The origin of the term “hydrophonics” can be traced back to the Greek word for “water” (hydros) and “work” (ponos). The practice is becoming popular because of the decline in the availability of land for food production. Hydro systems are relevant today because the population growth rate continues to increase and the available land for planting remains limited, especially with the burgeoning need for residential and commercial infrastructure. Now, there are thousands of pocket gardens on rooftops and growing environments under the ground that are successful in growing plants which are then used for food.

The roots may be flooded with the nutrient solution, or suspended in it. Others use systems wherein the roots are misted with the solution. Because of hydrophonics indoor gardens can now thrive in locations where the condition of the soil or the climate is inhospitable to growing plants. People and organizations that are intent on raising their own crops and living a more sustainable existence now have access to this kind of technology. Studies have shown that a general hydrophonics environment can produce even higher yields that traditional methods of growing crops.

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In order to get started, it is necessary to have a hydrophonics kit from a dependable supplier. A regular multi-plant kit from a local source is compact and not that versatile, but it fulfills the basic requirements. There are better and more versatile hydro systems available from companies that are pioneers and specialists in the niche.

General hydro supplies usually include a growing tent, inline fans, filters, and lighting equipment. Online stores that offer a complete array of hydrophonic equipment make it easy for gardeners and farmers to make inquiries about hydro systems, purchase equipment, and ask for pertinent advice.

For millennia, traditional farming systems have proven to be reliable and dependable methods of producing food for the human race. However, now that agriculture faces significant challenges due to lack of space and climate change, hydrophonics can perhaps fill in the gaps in food production. After all, hydro systems allow people to grow various species of plants in locations that are not possible with traditional planting methods.

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