45+ Creative DIY Apartment Décor Ideas

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Decorating the interiors and exteriors of your space can often be a time consuming and very expensive task that could possibly take a whole chunk of your income.

However, with a bit of planning and innovation, designing the interiors of your home or office can be achieved with the least amount of expense and tension.

When we see some of the fabulous interiors in some interior décor magazines we wonder how ordinary people can afford such extravagance. The fact is that they do not go about setting up the interiors of their space overnight. Most of the people I know who have really fabulous interiors have managed to do so over a period of time. Some of them take months and some years.

But they do have a plan in place and keep adding to the interiors as they go along. Yes, there are those who can splurge money and get what they think they want overnight by hiring the services of a professional interior designer; however, if one is innovative enough the same result can be achieved and that too, without going over the budget.

There are so many things that can be done with naturally available materials such as cane and bamboo. For one thing you can source out cane woven panels that can be placed on the walls and even make false roofing.

Cane or bamboo panels once properly varnished or painted can make very attractive paneling that can be used to section off portions of a room. They can also be used as panels to create a false ceiling. This gives the room a cool and soothing feeling without much of a burden on your pocket.

Apart from these bamboo panels there are several different types of wall paper that give a natural effect to the walls and they last a long time too. The furnishings can be simple DIY furniture made from modular wood that can be put together in a matter of hours and within the smallest of budgets too.

Matching this furniture to modern floor rugs is never a problem, what with the score and many more types of rugs out there to choose from.

Speaking of interior decoration and not including floor rugs is something most interior decorators will scoff at. Floor rugs add style and comfort to any space. Most design experts suggest that your choice of area can make or break your entire interior décor.

These pieces of interior furnishings must be accorded the respect they deserve when it comes to interior designing. The beauty of a rug could very well get lost if it were thrown just about anywhere without giving a thought to the other aspects of the room. After all, there is a place for a rug and there is a rug for everyplace.

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