20+ Awesome Shed Garden Plants Ideas

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How do you, get your vegetable and flower garden plants to grow like that? Is the far too frequently asked question I hear from my gardening friends. My friends keep telling me to get a set of shed plans and build myself a good garden storage solution.

You see, I have a bit of a problem, my garden supplies are scattered all over my garage and home. I started learning about gardening as a youngster living on a farm in rural southern Indiana. Where storage was not much of a problem, the barn and chicken coop filled the need, keeping the wheelbarrow in the barn with the cow and horses for obvious reasons.

Ok, maybe for some not so obvious, the cow and horses produced organic material, poop. In its green state the will be fertilizer, must be removed from the barn stalls and stable, the wheelbarrow is used to move the organic material to the compost pile, where after several months the magic happens, fertilizer for the garden.

In addition, as you have already concluded, the chicken coop also provided value, not only storage space for the garden rake and shovel, but chicken poop also is the key ingredient in the production of urea an organic nitrogen rich plant food.

Now days, the farm is just a distant memory. The once two hundred acre family farm is now a sub-division filled with beautiful homes. The storage spaces in the barn and chicken coop are now two car garages and sheds of varying sizes and designs.

If you are like me, we live in one of these homes, the spacious two-car garage is now full of every yard and garden supply item imaginable. As if the clutter was not bad enough on its own, I cannot find a dog gone thing I look for when I need it.

This is why I simply must build a garden shed, solve my clutter problems and get everything organized at the same time.

With the kids and my faithful dog Buddy always, under-foot safety is a huge concern. Therefore, my idea of the perfect garden shed design must incorporate wall cabinets to use for securing all those insecticides and weed killers. For me keeping those items out of sight and the reach of children and my dog just makes good sense.

As I think about it, all my gardening hand tools like the special pruners I use for my roses need special care and storage. Building a shed incorporating a set of pullout drawers in its design will provide a safe and secure storage solution.

I spend more time looking for those special set of pruners than I spend using the cotton picking things, being able to find them when I need them will be a very good thing indeed.

Building a set of wood shelves’ to store my leaf blower and chainsaw is high on my list of custom design features. They along with my gas powered string trimmer are the only things I have that use a two-cycle fuel mixture.

Keeping them together with the fuel can and extra trimmer line off the floor and out of harms way will be a welcomed change. No more spilled fuel in the garage creating a fire hazard and the gas smell that the wife can get off my back about, will definitely be an awesome turn of events.

I like the Gambrel roof shed design, the option of the overhead storage loft is ideal for storing all those lightweight bulky items. No more tomato cages in the garage all winter, or lawn spreader in the way for me.

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